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Dope Dealer Symbol of Drug Abuse Awareness

The word AESTHETERATI is original, a combination of aesthete and literati, it debuts to the world only once in New York magazine circa 1996.

We strive to showcase you some of the boldest statement with minimal design. Our concept is – simple, yet aesthetic. Made for the Malaysian youth community, AESTHETERATI is an independent clothing line which represents our generation socialites. Those who possesses great taste in enjoyment and lifestyle.

Unlike other brands which use the drugs and promotion of the use, we are trying to raise the awareness against drug abuse and it’s harm among the young generation. Instead we invite them to dress to kill and avoid the drug abuse trends. Unfortunately due to the marketing campaign of some brands, the young generation pick up the drug use as trend and element of coolness. We are designing and tailoring unique clothes and accessories to change the trend in youth community and in the same time raise the awareness.

Dope Dealer Signature T-Shirt

The first signature product designed back in August 2015 and named “Dope Dealer“, to protest the advertising for drug use and replacing the common trends in the industry with the positive message to young generation.

AESTHETERATI Signature t-shirt, Dope Dealer is an awareness symbol of the highly rising drug abuse in Malaysian youth today, Get your DOPE DEALER t-shirt today.

Dope Dealer Awareness

We are at AESTHETERATI inviting all the activists and organizations who fight against drug use, to join us and change the trendy hype among the youth. Also asking those who want to stand against raising drug abuse in Malaysia, purchase our “Dope Dealer” t-shirt and support us to continue our journey to raise awareness and make our statement.

Always check our social media and website to get the promotions and discounts for our products. Spread the love with your friends and family and support your local brands.